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Although the scholarship list for this region is not as extensive as others, you’re likely to find that these regional programs may be less expensive. We encourage you to compare overall program costs as you explore your options.





USAC Scholarships This scholarship is available for students taking part in a USAC program. Variable Fall: Early May
Spring: Mid-October
Summer: Mid-March
Critical Language Scholarship
Students must select one of 15 critical languages to study for eight to ten weeks abroad. For most of the languages, no previous experience studying the language is required. Participants are selected based on their commitment to language learning and plans to apply their language skills to their future academic or professional pursuits. CLS Program funding provides a full scholarship that covers all travel, tuition, housing, and a living stipend. Mid November
Boren Scholarship
For student planning an overseas program in a country outside of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. The Boren Awards fund the intensive study of language and culture abroad by U.S.  Recipients of Boren Scholarships must accept a Service Requirement to work for the federal government in the national security arena for at least a year after graduation. Up to $25,000 Early February
ISEP Scholarships | ISEP Study Abroad These scholarships are available for students taking part in an ISEP program. Variable Variable
AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships | Financial Aid for Study Abroad ( These scholarships are available for students taking part in an AIFS program. Variable Variable